News & Releases

Version 1.1DB:1.3WS (beta) 20/02/2018:

We have made the complete database downloadable from the homepage. The link will automatically generate a collection of csv files to ensure the vary latest updates have been included. The data is available by organism, gene and drug, with a ploidy data file available. This remains in addition to being able to download unique search entries (the link for which can be found at the bottom of the results page).


We've plugged Google Analytics into MARDy. Now we can monitor what users search for to help the team focus on future reviews of the literature.

The organisms Candida krusei, Venturia nasicola, Penicillum digitatum, Oculimacula yallundae and Oculimacula acuformis have been added to the database.

We have submitted an abstract to ISHAM2018 where MARDy will be presented as a poster.

Version 1.1DB:1.2WS (beta) 14/01/2018:

A link to our ResearchGate project where vistors can comment has been added to the contribute page.

Blast update 03/12/2018:

The blast database has been updated with five new gene sequence entries from November. A real-time update can be found with our Twitter account (see bottom of page).

Version 1.1DB:1.1WS (beta) 01/11/2017:

Results now contain a direct link to the referenced publication.

Results from BLAST sequence alignment now displays resistance mechanism data per successful match.

Version control has now been split into a DB version (for internal tools and MySQL DB content) and a website DB.

Version 1.0 (beta) 27/10/2017:

Welcome! MARDy has been released for public use. The DB is young and the functionality is limited, however, it will be growing over the next year. Expect lots of minor modifications and new additions.